Road Maintenance

Snowplowing is usually started after a snowstorm has ended. Extended periods of snowfall may require additional plowing to keep roads open for passage of emergency vehicles. The Township road maintenance department maintains the roads by plowing and sanding to provide for safe travel. As a safety measure, if a severe snowstorm is present, and Township personnel and equipment are out plowing, the effort to keep the roads passable will end if and when Wright County Highway Department pulls their equipment off the roads for safety reasons. Woodland Township personnel will be pulled on the roads at the same time.

When you are snowplowing your private driveways, remember, do not deposit snow or ice across Township, County or State roadways. Per Minnesota State Statue 160.2715 “it shall be unlawful to (1) obstruct any highway or deposit snow or ice thereon: (b) Any violation of this section is a misdemeanor.”

Grading is usually done after a soaking rain to be most effective. Grading a road in dry conditions can result in eroding of the road surface. Each year, the Township spreads approximately 8,000 to 10,000 cubic yards of new gravel on the roads.

Dust Coating is done by a contractor and is generally scheduled for completion in June of each year. This is an outside contract, so the timing is dependent on the contractor’s ability to perform the dust coating in an efficient manner. Anyone wanting the road area in front of their residence dust coated, at their cost, can get on the list by contacting the Township clerk. Please contact the clerk about details regarding cost and timing before May 1st.

Other maintenance such as road rebuilding, straightening, crowning and clearing is an ongoing assignment for the Township road maintenance personnel.  The Town Board approves the projects and monitors the performance of, and completion by, either Town personnel or commercial contractors hired to perform the work.  The Township also mows the shoulders, removes illegal dumping and maintains or replaces culverts located on Township roads.